Why People Choose to Build in River Catchment Areas

There are 3 key reasons as to why people choose to build in river catchment areas. In today’s article, we will be focusing on those reasons — as we try to understand the mindsets of the people who choose to desecrate river catchment areas. The only way in which we will win the river catchment areas protection battle is by understanding the challenge we are up against. In this specific case, once we gain an understanding on why people choose to build in river catchment areas, we would be well equipped to discourage them.

Without further ado, the 3 key reasons as to why people choose to build in river catchment areas include:

  1. Ignorance: there are people who build on river catchment areas simply because they don’t know that it is wrong to do so. So the way to deal with these individuals is by educating them on why river catchment areas are important, and why they shouldn’t build there. The educational campaigns in question here can be held through mass media. Alternatively, the people who are beginning to build on river catchment areas can be approached individually, and educated on why they shouldn’t go ahead with their building projects. Even if it proves hard to meet the actual developers in person, it should surely be reasonably easy to locate their phone contacts, and make phone calls to them. In this case, the only expense to be contended with would be that of phone bills. Yet the phone bills are not likely to be particularly hefty. Like if, for instance, you are contacting the developers on a Metro PCS phone, you’d only have a modest metro pcs payment to cater for. So that would really be a question of just visiting the metro pcs pay bill portal, and making the (probably modest) phone bill payment there. You may or you may not succeed in dissuading the developers from going ahead with their projects on the river catchment areas. Either way, you’d have done your best.
  2. Greed: we have other individuals who are driven by greed, to build on river catchment areas. They know that it is wrong to build there, but greed blinds them to the importance (and fragility) of the river catchment areas. These are the sorts of people against whom river catchment area protection guards are hired.
  3. The nature of the river catchment areas: river catchment areas tend to be very scenic. So there are individuals who desire to have their homes and businesses based in such scenic areas – regardless of the damage to environment that arises when the river catchment areas are built on.