Fencing River Catchment Areas

One way to protect river catchment areas is by fencing them. If all other methods of protecting river catchment areas fail, then, as a last resort, they have to be fenced. Otherwise there is the possibility of the rivers that are supported by the catchment areas drying up. The process of fencing off the river catchment areas entails:

Identifying the river catchment areas

This is not as easy as it sounds. River catchment areas tend to be wide, and identifying the delicate spots that need to be protected by way of fencing can be quite hard. Matters are not made any easier by the fact that people may already have encroached on the delicate spots. This would mean that they first have to evicted, before proceeding with the fencing work.

Securing funds to finance the fencing project

Fencing a river catchment area is likely to be expensive. Money has to be spent buying the fencing materials, and paying the people who will be erecting the fence. So securing the necessary funds will probably not be as simple as, say, going to the First Premier Bank credit card login page, accessing your account, and withdrawing a few thousand bucks for the project. On the contrary, securing the necessary funds to finance the fencing of a river catchment area may entail having to lobby the local government. Or it may entail having to get local companies to finance the project as part of the corporate social responsibility.

Buying the fencing materials:

Once you manage to secure the funds to finance the fencing project, the next task will be that of buying the fencing materials. It will be a better idea to order for all the materials you need for the entire project at once (in bulk), in order to benefit from the economies of scale and to receive bulk discounts.

Doing the actual fencing work:

You may decide to hire people directly, to do the actual fencing work. Alternatively, you may opt to engage a contractor, who can then come with his people to erect the fence. You have to understand that putting up a proper fence requires certain skills. It is not as easy as it looks. If you lack the skills to do it the right way, then you may have no choice but to engage a contractor to do it for you.