About Us

Our Vision

Western Melbourne Catchments Network (WMCN) is not one group but an amalgamation of past groups and a network of groups concerned about our natural environment.

WMCN is a not-for-profit association for individuals, groups and organisations that share an environmental vision for the wider Werribee catchment.  WMCN:

  • unites, strengthens and resources people, groups and agencies,
  • advocates for the protection, management and enhancement of natural heritage,
  • gathers resources for the implementation of the vision across the catchment.
  • is well resourced, well-researched, well-connected and speaks fearlessly to promote the shared vision of its members.

What We Do

Work together with local Councils and other organisations to support:

  • Landcare and Friends groups
  • Schools
  • Community groups

Attending Community Events 

  • Planting days
  • Wildflower and nature walks
  • Festivals
  • Education and information sharing
  • Adovacting for natural places
  • Reviewing planning documents
  • Caring for natural places